be who you are
*...and be that well.
- St. Francis de Sales
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“Be who you are, and be that well.”  I love this quote by St. Francis de Sales. The past decade has been quite the adventure in what I believe is me discovering the unique, God-given gifts I have to offer the world and “becoming who I really am”. In April of 2007, I had a life-transforming encounter in which I came to experience the absolute wonder and joy of being alive, and the profound difference our lives can make when we stand inside our commitments and deepest desires, rather than our fears. This opened up a world of possibility for myself and my life that I previously could not have imagined. It also gave me the courage to leave a nearly 25-year career with Target Stores, and a job I loved in the advertising creative department, to pursue another calling...that of bringing my unique gifts, creativity and connections to contribute to the transformation of north Minneapolis. I moved to the Northside in the summer of 2003 with a desire to join others in making a difference in the community. Over the years I’ve met a number of extraordinary people and some exciting inter-related initiatives have emerged. Click on the images below to learn about each of these initiatives. If you have suggestions or would like to participate, please drop me a note. I’d love to hear from you. Peace!  Brian
From north Minneapolis to New Delhi: Berato and Brian’s Indian Adventure!

Welcome to the beginning of my website!

What I’m up to...

I am a freelance photographer, graphic designer and community builder committed to contributing to the transformation of north Minneapolis through creative collaboration with individuals & organizations working to do the same. There are many great folks out there doing important work. Imagine what we could accomplish together!

current projects

  1. -alafia foundation, executive director

  2. -from death to life,
    board member

  3. -st. jane house,
    director in residence

  4. -quest for the voice poets, supporter/event organizer

  5. -be who you are photography + design,
    my emerging freelance business

contact me

brian mogren

c/o st. jane house

1403 emerson ave. n.

minneapolis, mn 55411