creative corps


Berato Wilson in studio with Michael Jenson.

Michael Benham, photographer

Recent creative partners:

Sunshine Sevigney and Gina Fink (with client Mary Johnson), Mark Steinhauser, Sally Hermanto,
Brian Mogren,

Michael Jenson

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The mission of Creative Corps is to connect individuals and organizations doing important and transformational work on the ground in North Minneapolis with marketing and creative professionals who can help tell their stories to the broader community. In doing so we hope to draw in more resources to assist those on the ground in their work. As Creative Corps develops, a model for supporting social entrepreneurial ventures and small business start-ups will also be explored.

This is a temporary site while the organization is being developed. Check back again to learn more and read about exciting partnerships that are already under way!

Also, check out the website for Wink--the Minneapolis design agency that is doing pro-bono design for Creative Corps. They are FRESH!


Creative Corps is like Peace Corps, but for Creatives!