“Alafia” is a Yoruba greeting, out of Africa, that conveys peace, tranquility, good tidings and well-being. It is spiritual in nature and a blessing used regularly by the first resident of Alafia Place.


To support and develop visionary community leaders who are transforming
the quality of life on the Minneapolis north side.

Alafia Place is now Alafia Foundation!

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2015 Alafia Foundation Fellows: Neda Kellogg of Project DIVA, AJ Briscoe of
To Succeed You Must Read, and Mary Johnson-Roy of From Death to Life

Alafia Foundation propels community leaders to achieve greater impact through coaching, education and financial support. 

Alafia Fellowships are granted to residents of Minneapolis’ north side who are leading community-enrichment initiatives. With the support of Alafia Foundation and its network, our fellows are empowered to focus greater time, talent, and energy on their missions, which expedites and elevates transformation on the north side. 

We are now in the process of expanding of our mission around igniting and promoting the power of purpose on the Minneapolis north side and beyond. Our Alafia Leadership Fellowship is the first of many ways we intend to accomplish this.